Monday, February 14, 2011

Right On Pointe

Maybe I'm a bit biased, being a former ballerina and all, but I could go on for days talking about how much I admire ballet inspired pieces. I would easily swap my harsh color palette of black, black, and black for the dainty pastel pinks, stone grays, and crisp whites that accompany ballerina influenced items of clothing. Everything about the look just seems so hopelessly romantic, effortless, and whimsical. A woman draped in icy pinks and a touch of tulle just screams to me that she can gracefully conquer the world, and only with a flick of fairy dust and a pirouette or two. Pair this look with a masculine blazer, leather boots, or simply something studded and you've got the perfect mix of pretty gritty. But in all honesty, you could strut around in just a pastel pink lacey blouse, sans pants, and I guarantee you that I would drop to my knees and bow-it's just all around brilliant! Makes me wish that my days of insecurely prancing around in teeny leotards, hours spent at the ballet bar, the permanent dent in my hair from always wearing a slicked back bun, and the bleeding from pointe shoes were still existent. Well enough rambling about memory lane, here's the trend at its finest.

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